14th March 2018

Two new finds!

S. Schlank. Adelaide:






Mercantile Navy ?button/badge: shank or pin missing. S. Sclank made some buttons, but many more badges. See pre-federation manufacturers page.






Shierlaw & Co. Adelaide:

The Shierlaws were a Scottish family who came to South Australia around 1852. Three bothers, George, William,  Joseph then later a nephew, Mr F.B. Shierlaw, ran the tailoring firm of ‘Shierlaw & Company’ from 1860 until around 1920. They supplied uniforms from 1877 to volunteer units, cadet forces and police. For many  years they were the governments sole supplier of uniforms. (See also the reference on the ‘Branded buttons: tailors’  page.)

The Express and Telegraph, 18th June 1904.


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