28th March 2018

Pat has sent me an absolute treasure trove of button pictures: I think I’ll start with a Beutron catalogue pre-1966 (i.e. pre-decimal currency). Note that the cards with curved tops (for the Opal-glo) and the rectangle card with the legend “Always matches. Never clashes” at the top were both being used at the same time. Consistency in the styling of advertising was not considered necessary!

“Fashion selected by world’s leading stylists … New York, London, Paris, Rome” Is this a confession that their designs were copied from overseas? Or a case of cultural cringe (Foreign was better than Australian)?? Or simply boastful advertising???

Love this button dispenser. As it contains ‘Tecpearl’ buttons it dates from 1958 onwards.


Some of the “fashion” (their latest designs?) appear in 1963 advertising; so possibly this is a 1963 catalogue.


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