1st April 2018

I hope everyone on the Eastern side of Australia has enjoyed the extra hour of sleep with the end of daylight savings.

New vintage Beutron buttons from Pat:

The larger cards (partial and whole) date from the late 1940s (see the brown buttons) to the early 1950s. The smaller cards from the 1950-60s.

Imported glass buttons, possibly carded locally, were sold as ‘Originals’. See also below.

The label ‘Made expressly for Beutron in Western Germany’ was stuck across two joined cards. I hadn’t seen these labels, but am glad to know where G.Herring had sourced its glass buttons.

The name ‘West Germany’ was the English term for the ‘Federal Republic of Germany’ from 1950 until reunification in 1990. Before that, from 1945-49 exported buttons were labelled ‘Germany – US-zone’. Ethnic Germans involved in the Bavarian glass button industry were forced to leave the lands now being ceded to Czechoslovakia. Resettling in the new West Germany they re-established from scratch (most of their equipment and moulds being left behind) a glass button and bead industry, making the country the dominant glass manufacturing area during the 1950-60s. The remnant button industry under Soviet control did not export buttons until the break up of the USSR circa 1990.

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