9th April 2018

New finds:

This button is made from caste magnetic white metal (?steel).  Is it a fashion button or a uniform button?  Boomerangs do appear in some military buttons (e.g. Duntroon Miltary College).

Semco Silkette was advertised for sale from1932 until 1954 or later. From the ad below it appears that during the war it was unavailable (silk being required for things like parachutes). Times were obviously still tough in the U.K. for the shipping of food parcels to be kind gesture.

Section of advert for Fitzgerald’s department store in Hobart, published in The Mercury, 12th June 1946.

One thought on “9th April 2018

  1. Carol Fenselau

    I think the caste white metal button is more likely to be a fashion button than a Military button. The crown is not the official design.
    The boomerang is true Aussie.
    I also liked your caste button with horse and rider.
    Cathy you are acquiring some very interesting/ unusual buttons.


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