15th April 2018

Images from page 171.

In her book ‘ About Buttons. A Collector’s Guide,  150 AD to the Present’ Peggy Ann Osbourne shares a couple of images of Disney themed buttons. One I knew about (the Coronet Buttons shared on the Coronet page), the other was new to me. It was a picture of  Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed buttons made in Australia in  the late 1930s. I searched, but could not find any reference to them so I can’t verify it. I did note that Australian made Minnie and Mickey brooches were sold in 1930.



She reports the Coronet buttons ( Donald, Chip, Goofy and Bambi) as being made in the early 1940s. I think they were actually produced from 1948-1953 as that’s when they were advertised. Advertising reported 4 styles in multiple colours. I think that the metallic Mickey button dates later (mid 1950s) for sale at Disneyland.

Barrier Miner, 18th January 1949.



The Advertiser, 5th March 1952. Perhaps Chip was mistaken as Thumper.


Both Carol and Cam  have informed me that the uniform button with a lamp was for the Royal Australian Army Nursing Crops. (So if you rub it a nurse rather than a genie appears). The lamp came from the Greco-Roman tradition, symbolising learning.

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