8th May 2018

New finds: Thanks Don!

According to its website: ‘ MSS Security’s history dates back to 1896, when Chubb, as we were previously known, opened its first Australian office. Over the past century not only has our ownership changed, but so has our name, from Wormald Security before becoming MSS Security in 2008.’

Chubb was T.C. Chubb & Co., lock and safe merchants based in London from circa 1818. Wormald, mainly  into fire saftey equipment, has existed from circa 1889. It took over operations of Chubb in Australia from 1972 til 1988, when its security services were sold off to MSS.

This is a Captain’s epaulette button, 1972-1986. backmark; K.G.Luke Melb.  TAA was rebranded as Australian Airlines in 1986 and accquired by Qantas in 1992.

Merchant Navy button, WW2 era, by Stokes and Sons.

And whilst in Wellington, pick up all your uniform needs at Kean’s, open every night until 9pm.

NZ Truth, 1st May 1909.



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