12th May 2018

New tailor’s buttons thanks to Don:

J. Dorance, Naracoorte:

James was quite the gypsy. In 1896 he moved from Albury to Bunbury, West Australia. He sold his tailoring business in 1903 “due to ill health” and traveled to England to recuperate. In 1910 he was back in West Australia, tailoring in Narrogin. In 1919 he moved to Dimboola Road, Horsham, then to Narracorte about 1924 for 5 years. In 1929 he moved to Kadina in South Australia as he wished to set up a massage clinic (?He had studied this whilst overseas.) In 1931 he was advertising in both Kadina and Narracorte, then it gets a little confusing. In 1934-5 he was listed Albury NSW  as a massuer, but at the same time time he is listed as a shopkeeper in Collingwood then in 1836 as a tailor in Fitzroy! By 1938 he is back in Mt Gambier were he lived until his death in 1951, aged 86 years. At least we can date this button to a 5 year period, from 1924-1929!!

F. A. Pearse, Corowa:

Frederick Arthur Pearse (1879-1952) described himself as  an ‘art tailor and mercer” in 1912.  He re-badged himself as a “Ladies’ and Gents’ Modern tailor” and advertised until 1932.

The Corowa Chronicle 1st May 1926.

The Corowa Chronicle 26th November 1927

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  1. Rhonda STYLES

    I enjoyed your article on Tailor’s Buttons. I am seeking a button or buttons for Chrystall Tailors ORANGE. I can trace business history in Orange from 1896 to 1929. William Leighton CHRYSTALL emigrated from Scotland in approx. 1892. I have seen one of these buttons it was found in an opportunity shop in Orange in the late 1960’s however, it appears it has since been lost. It was Green/Blue/Black? Are you able to assist or do you have buttons that would be able to be purchased.


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