17th May 2018

New uniform buttons:

South Australian Rifles, pre 1901, Merchant Navy, Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board. All by Stokes and Sons.

South Australian. Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways board existed between 1919 and 1983.

British Petroleum post 1961, backmark Stokes Vic

AMF by K.C. Luke A/Asia Ltd and RAAF by Stokes & Sons pre 1952.

The AMF button is a puzzle. The company changed its name to K.C. Luke (A/Asia) Ltd in May 1953, and yet the button features a “Kings Crown”. As King George VI died on the 6th February 1952, this crown should not have been used! I wonder if the button was made in 1953 but not issued.

2 Royal Marine buttons by Stokes post 1961.

It is not clear from the photo, but some ‘Staybrite” buttons in the gold tone made by Stokes seem to have faded. I have a few buttons with the coating look faded and chipped. Perhaps they had a quality control issue, or they did not wash well?

2 thoughts on “17th May 2018

  1. Don King

    The Stokes annodised buttons were made both in Gold and Pale Gold (Rose Gold).
    The Gold buttons have a round shank back marked STOKES & SONS MELB.
    The Pale Gold buttons have a square shank back marked STOKES MELB.
    There are a couple of cross overs!

    1. abuttonadmin Post author

      I have a gold and ‘rose gold’ tasmanian Police button that both say STOKES VIC.


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