6th June 2018

New finds:

NSW Police. Kings Crown. Maker’s mark: Amor Sydney

The origin of policing in New South Wales was the use of marines that came with the first fleet in 1788, then by the short lived appointment of a civilian constable by the name of John Smith. This was followed the following year by the appointment of trusted convicts to the role of Night Watch which became the Sydney Foot Police. Early policing was to protect Sydney from thieving and petty crimes after dark. In 1862 all colonial police forces, such as the Gold escort and the Mounted Police, were amalagmated.

SA Fire Brigade. QV crown. Markers mark: Stokes & Sons Melbourne

In the early days of Adelaide, water carriers would rush to a fire upon the ringing of an alarm bell at the fire station. Then in the 1850 fires were (inadequately) fought by volunteers and the police.

The South Australian Fire brigade was formed in 1862. It was renamed in 1981 as the SAMFS. It is one of the oldest governmental fire services in the world.

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