16th June 2018

New finds:

This is the first card of ‘Irridel’ buttons I have seen. Beutron used the by-line ‘the beautiful buttons that boil’ in 1947-8 and the name Irridel in 1948-9.  After that they retired the name until reusing it in advertising in 1957. This card therefore dates from 1947-8.

The card below is also new to me.

It has the G.Herring logo in one corner and the name ‘Jewel Pearl’ in the other. Searching in trove I found this reference:

Commonwealth of Australia Gazette 3rd June 1943.

G.Herring also supplied pearl shell for compasses in1941 and camouflage covers in 1942. This last item surprised me, until I checked my notes and rediscovered that they had a history as “a manufacturer of twine,  jute,  flax”


2 thoughts on “16th June 2018

  1. Carol Fenselau

    Cathy as usual,new and interesting things you turn up. The Herring Irridel Button card is great!
    Also the Jewel Pearl card which must be very uncommon. The placement of the buttons on the card leads me to think these button cards were destined for a household use, as the U.S Army Buttons would be bought in bulk. Very interesting to know we (Australia/Beutron) were supplying for the American troops. Have we got evidence that Beutron actually made Shell/ Pearl Buttons? I know much of our pearl shells were exported to Asian countries.

    1. abuttonadmin Post author

      In 1939 G.Herring merged with the Pearl Manufacturing Company and made pearl buttons. By the 1950s this seemed to die out,as plastic took over, but I do have some Beutron cards of pearl buttons from the 1960s. (It is possible that these later cards were the result of General Plastics too-late foray into pearl button manufacturing in Cairns from 1952-54. When Beutron took over General Plastics in 1957 there may have been unsold stock.)


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