17th June 2018

New finds: 2 moth-eaten partial cards of Coronet buttons

Along with these cards was another that whilst not Australian, had an Australian store sticker on the back:

Harry Thorpe Seymour ran what must have amounted to a department store in Marrickville from around 1904. A  wealthy bachelor, he died at the age of only 54, leaving bequests to family, staff and the community.

From the Marrickville Library. H.T. Seymours is on the right corner.

An article in the Freeman’s Journal on 16th September 1915 tickled my fancy.

“The feminine world of Marrackville and the adjacent suburbs will shortly experience something like a vivid variation of interest in the mundane things of life. A typical enthusiasm in business enterprise has resulted in Mr. H. T. Seymour, the well known Marrickville universal provider, making some large extensions to his already commodious business premises. He has launched out in this fresh endeavour with the idea of providing for the wants of the public in the direction of clothing and footwear. Dress materials, silks, millinery and mantles, as well as boots and shoes, will be stocked in the new additions which are to be thrown open to the public on the first of next month. The sterner sex will also be catered for in the matter of clothing, and foot coverings. One especial innovation in connection with the new Seymour premises will be the ingenious and cunningly devised show cases. These are so designed that the goods they contain are always kept fresh, and absolutely secure from the invasion of the dust fiend. These cases, in themselves, are worthy of minute inspection.”

I hope that this has inspired your vivid variation in interest!

One thought on “17th June 2018

  1. Carol Fenselau

    Thank you Cathy for the interesting story on Seymour his business and the Trove discovery reporting of shop extension. Such a colourful way of reporting from that era the like of which we do not read today.


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