1st July 2018

New finds:

The yellow ‘waffle’ type button is found on both ‘Lovely Lady’ and Beauclaire cards. The pink elephant are a recent edition (?1980-90s) of what was originally found on Beauclaire “Tiny Tots” cards from the 1950s. The teddy bears are 3 glass buttons (imported from West Germany) for Beutron and sold on their children’s collectable cards and also on “Original”cards.

These buttons are like the S.A.R. buttons, except the one on the left has no lettering (backmark Stokes & Sons) and the one on the right only the letters SA. This one has no backmark, and a split pin instead of a regular shank.

Buttons and Buckles from Pat:

I’m guessing this button is a fashion button. It appears to be copy of a Greek or Roman coin, right down to the irregular shape, but the “Made in Australia” map has a pointed, modern look. Anyone know anything about this one?

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