6th July 2018

New finds:

There is a printers code on the card (259-10M-30/8/39-12) It sure looks like a date! this means this card was printed in 1938. looking at my one other Myers card of this type, it incldeds the numerals ’39’. I didn’t realsie they were that old!

The buttons have attractive cut-through detailing.

1938 was a significant year for Myers. In February Elcon Boevski Myer( an elder brother of Sidney) died. He had preceeded Sidney to Australia, and been involved with the business from its very start in Bendigo. A nephew, Norman Myer, would take over as the new head of the business. In September they held an exhibition of marble statues within the store.


And thanks so much Pat: a metal Goofy!

One thought on “6th July 2018

  1. Carol Fenselau

    The same no. code printed on your Myer button card is identical to that on the cards you displayed in February blog.


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