18th July 2018

New tailor’s button:

G. L. Fuller & Co.Ltd.: Sydney

George Lawrence Fuller, son of Sir George Fuller (former N.S.W. premier) listed a company of tailors and mercers in September 1932 with a Mr George Newton. Not suprisingly, they were called Newton & Fuller Limited, operating from 84 Pitt Street, Sydney. The name was changed in November 1934 to G.L.Fuller & Co.Ltd, probably to take full advantage of the upper-class value of his name. The company advertised until 1945, after which George became a member of the Stock exchange, and in 1950 joined the partnership of J.Neil and Fuller. Unfortunately, he died in 1953 at the young age of 49 years.

The Sun (Sydney), 16th April 1935.

The Bulletin, 26th May 1938.

One thought on “18th July 2018

  1. Carol Fenselau

    Thanks Cathy, you have made a humble tailors’ button a golden gem. A great story written in the news of the day the likes of which we miss out on today. The journalist had an excellent command of language it would make any self respecting gentleman go straight to George Fuller to be “suited”.


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