Winter fashions; to make us smile, chuckle or sigh with longing …


“A pair off petty, stylish and yet thoroughly useful costumes” from 1879.

How formidible! 1885.

“Most of those who are mothers with small boys will, I feel certain, unite with me in welcoming the above very tasteful fashion.” How the boys felt about this costume was less certain. A boy’s naval suit from 1888.

Exaggerated silhouettes in 1892.

“Nowadays everybody is to be seen during the afternoon trying on double-breasted covert coats in the latest style, with half-a-dozen mother-o’-pearl or tortoiseshell buttons down the front, instead of twice four, as heretofore decreed. The lapels are less exaggerated than formerly, and are. perhaps, cut just a trifle squarer than last season.” From 1894. It is important to get the number of buttons right!

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