22nd July 2018

Thanks to Pat I have some lovely buttons to share with you. Please, please do send me your pics, as I sometimes don’t have any new buttons of my own to share. I need your help!!

Beutron “Originals” from the 1950s with metalised plastic rims/bases.

I’m not sure if these are Australian, but I do have some in my general collection. They have a lovely 1940-50s, art deco-ish feel.

The famous Beauclaire rose in many incarnations. (above and below)

Beutrons from the late 1940s through to1970s. (Even the Woolworths buttons were made by General Plastics and then G.Herring.)

How hard is it to photograph black buttons on a black card!!!? See below for a close up.

More winter fashions:


New sleeves for 1905.

“The new long coat and skirt” from 1907.


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