2 thoughts on “23rd July 2018

  1. Patricia Lowe

    I am amazed that there are still full cards of these fantastic buttons floating around, did they only make donald, mickey and goofy or did they do others as well ?

    1. abuttonadmin Post author

      Good question! The plastic varieties came in 4 types; Donald, Chip, Bambi and Pluto. I have not seen these metal ones advertised. It is possible they were sold only at Disneyland rather than in Australia. The seller of one of my cards claimed it was bought there soon after its opening in 1955 (although I don’t know what ‘soon’ means). I had know idea Mickey came in colours other than red/gold until the white/gold ans blue/gold popped up for sale. If anyone has photos of other characters and/or colours please let us know!


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