7th September 2018

New Beauclaire find:

The card of hair slides is not something I have seen before, but indicates that General Plastics (‘A G.P. PRODUCT’ is printed at the bottom) made other plastic products. The card is 24.5x18mm c.f. button cards which were around 6x9mm. I have seen (but do not yet own) a ‘Moonglow’ card of buttons in this red and yellow design, with the word Moonglow and a crescent moon shape where the Beauclaire logo is. Does anyone else have any of this style cards or products?

One thought on “7th September 2018

  1. Carol Fenselau

    I love the Beauclaire hair slide card complete with hair slides. I think this will be a very rare item as so often the said “Hair Slides” ;which were sold at the habidashary counter at a store ; we’re removed from a larger store card and sold in singles or pairs. Great find! Now I am envious. Carol

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