18th September 2018

New finds:

I bought a vintage sewing basket because I noticed some interesting cards of buttons inside. I’m sure someone in the Victorian button Collectors’ Club will find the basket and its sewing accessories tempting at the next meeting. Whilst on the subject; the Club’s annual Buttonfest on 12th October (and 13th for members as well) is well worth a visit, even for those who have never heard of button collecting. it is held at the Burwood Heights Uniting Church on the corner of Burwood Hwy and Blackburn Roads.

Below are some Rex buttons that have quite a complex 3D design:

One thought on “18th September 2018

  1. Patricia Lowe

    I knew the pattern on the blue buttons had to be our own, I have a dozen of these in a lighter blue’
    they are beautiful.


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