26th September 2018

Spotted online: Too expensive!







New buckles: Maxart

New Manufacturer’s button: Hercules

I think this button may be made of horn, as there is a ‘pick’ mark on the back where a tool was used to pry the button from the mould.

Barnet Glass (1849-1918) came to Melbourne around 1876 having learnt the trade of manufacturing waterproofing clothing in Manchester, England. His company, the ‘Pioneer Rubber Company’  manufacturered ‘Hercules’ brand waterproof clothing from 1893 until 1905 when the company was bought out by Dunlop Rubber Company. (Barnett would start another company to import and manufacture car tyres, which was later also bought by Dunlop).

Punch, 21st May 1903

3 thoughts on “26th September 2018

  1. Carol Fenselau

    The Wanganui Highlanders Button is a very rare find, I have not been able to find one.
    “Expensive!!” is not unexpected.
    It looks to be in very good condition too. Have you found anything on the manufacturer?

  2. Carol Fenselau

    Thanks! I have Hallenstein Bros Tailor Buttons. Now I have gone back to review your New Zealand page I have joined my circle of knowledge.


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