5th October 2018

New finds:

1940s ‘Modern Miss’. These are dark green in a design new to me:

1950s Leda:

A mystery: ‘Advance Australia’ tailors buttons

Was this button produced generally for Australian tailors?

Both metal: the larger with a brown finish.

The term ‘Advance Australia’ was used from the 1820s. By The late 1800s it had become the slogan for nationalists campaigning for Federation. The slogan has been used in advertising for items such as diverse as tobacco, alcohol, and by  department store and tailors. An example is shown below:

Northern Star 15th April 1940.

3 thoughts on “5th October 2018

  1. Sonya Macdonald

    That dark green is common for early GP yes?
    I have that design in other colours too. Will send through. 🙂
    – Sonya.

  2. Warwick Phillips

    I found a button today whilst out walking in the bush around some ruins. It has the name on it of, McDonald Walker Adelaide Its an old brass button. Regards Warwick


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