11th October 2018

New tailors’ buttons:

R. Clarke, Colac:

The Colac Herald, 12th September 1906.

Richard Clarke (1866-1937) took over the business of Mr M. Cuskey at 1a Murray Street, Colac.

T. H. Dunstan, Castlemaine:

Mt Alexander Mail, 22nd February, 1888.

Thomas Henry Dunstan (1866-1936) worked for Mr Christian Duus, in Hargreaves Street, Castlemaine, from 1882. On his death in 1888 Thomas took over the business. He remained there until around 1913 when he moved his family to Clifton Hill, a suburb of Melbourne.

Mcdonald & Walter, Adelaide: Thanks to Warwick

In 1882 Charles Walter joined in partnership with George McDonald in Rundle Street. He was born in Somersetshire in 1844 and had arrived in Adelaide in 1874. 

Evening Journal, 10th August 1882.

Troops parading in Rundle Street circa 1900. Mcdonald & Walker can be seen in the background.

The Advertiser, 16th November 1953.

In 1908 the partnership dissolved, with Walter continuing as ‘Charles Walter & Sons’ in Rundle Street. His sons would continue in the business after his death in 1913. McDonald operated as G. McDonald & Co. at ‘The White House” 88 King William Street.

4 thoughts on “11th October 2018

    1. abuttonadmin Post author

      In Hargreaves Street, Castlemaine. I’ll add in an advert (how’s that for alliteration) to the original post.

  1. Carol Fenselau

    Thanks Cathy ! Now the advertisement is definitely from the newspaper of the day Mt Alexander times a local Castlemaine paper, stating Hargreaves Street. Although the word Castlemaine is not included all local readers would know that Hargreaves street is in their own town.
    The incorrect information is in your wording where you have included Colac as the town where he had his business before moving to Clifton Hill in 1913 with his family.


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