14th October 2018

Button fest 2018 has been a wonderful event. I’ve added to my collection and depleted the bank account. Here’s several Leda sample cards.

The first one is not labelled as “A Product of General Plastics” like the others, but does mention a ‘self-server’. This term is used in advertising from 1954-8. Leda was labelled as ‘a product of General Plastics Limited’ from 1958, and General Plastics having itself been absorbed into Beutron in 1956-7.

Taking another look at my old cards of Leda Buttons, I noticed that some of the cards included a length of cotton, like for Beutron branded buttons. Perhaps the Leda brand was owned by the same company  as Beutron (G. Herring) all along, then was merged with the Beauclaire line after 1957? I had always thought it was initally a seperate company, but perhaps not?

Here are some close-ups:

2 thoughts on “14th October 2018

  1. Deb

    When you have time! LOL Would love to see close-ups of the sample card buttons like the photos of Modern Miss! Then I need to go through my buttons again!

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