19th October 2018

New finds: Beutron cards.

Both these cards are something new. The tub buttons (a name from the 1940s) is on a card approx 6.4x9cm rather than 18x12cm for all the others I have so labelled. The design is new, as well. The  back printing is completely different: ” high fashion at low cost. Introduced at popular request, Beutron Tub Buttons are moulded from selected materials. New and attractive designs are featured that will add so much to fashions and fabrics. treat then as you would your fine materials – they will then retain their factory fresh look even after many launderings.”

The card below features black glass buttons with a lovely silver finish. But look at the price; 4 shillings! Buttons on ‘All Purpose’ cards usually cost 1, or 1 and 3, shillings. These were expensive buttons!