1st November 2018

New buttons: Country Fire Authority, Victoria







From Wikipedia: The CFA was created on 2 April 1945 following significant bushfires during the period 1939–1944 which killed 114 people, destroyed nearly 1400 homes and damaged large areas of the state. Significant numbers of livestock also perished. Subsequent investigations by a royal commission in 1944 showed a lack of cohesive firefighting ability outside the central metropolitan area. The CFA took over existing brigades, many of which had been established in the 19th or early 20th century.

The button on the left is backmarked Stokes & Sons Melbourne. This one has more detail on the hat and a textured background around the stars, which are themselves of poor definition. This button would date pre 1962 when Stokes & Sons wound up and the company was listed publically and renamed Stokes(Australasia) Ltd. The middle one has no backmark. The smaller CFA button is backmarked Stokes Melb., so probably dates post 1962.

I have previously shared 2 other CFA buttons, one with more detail and definition, especially for the stars and hat, and one by A.J. Parkes. Presumably the more detailed version is the oldest.

Stokes & Sons Melbourne

A. J. Parkes