10th November 2018

New tailor’s buttons:

A.E. Barber, Coburg:

Albert Ernest Barber (1891-2973) moved his business to 438 Sydney Road, Coburg in 1935. By 1942 he had moved  down the road to 694 Sydney Road, Brunswick.

C. J. Lane, Melbourne:

Charles James Lane (1869-1925) advertised at Flinders Lane in 1888. from 1892-1896 he was the manager of the Woollen department of the Mutal Stores. In 1896 he purchased a  mercery and tailoring business at 230 Collins Street where he operated until moving to the corner of Elizabeth Street and Flinders Lane around 1917. Circa 1921 he may have sold the business (which was still advertising in 1933) and became a wool broker and importer. He was heavily overdrawn to his bank in 1921-2. In 1924 he sued his bank for damages  for erroneously dishonouring a promissory note. Although he was awarded 1000 ponds, perhaps the previous years of stress had taken their toll, for he died the next year, aged only 56 years.

Melbourne Punch, 10th September 1896.

Melbourne Punch 28th January 1897.

New finds:

Demetre and Leda cards:

The cards look similar, don’t they?



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