Grant Featherston Design (GFD)/Darian

Grant Featherston (1922-1995) was born in Geelong and was to become a renowned designer, especially known for his chairs.


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From around 1946-1954 (according to research by Robyn Caddy and also the National Gallery of Victoria),  in association with his first wife,  Claire,  he designed glass buttons.  His company,  Darian, produced around 40 designs.  He purchased the back plates,  and originally these were not engraved;  later they were marked G.F.D. and Darian.  The buttons were labouriously made by hand, and are little works of art.  Buttons such as these (as well as ceramic and metal buttons and  costume jewellery) were used as a feature on the conservatively tailored fashions of the time.  The buttons were made from clear glass, some with solid colour applied to the backs.  Some were finished with metallic lustres.  Either a 10 or 16mm brass back plate would be glued to the back

Grant Featherston

Grant Featherston

Claire Featherston

Claire Featherston







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backmarks: DARIAN, GFD

backmark: DARIAN  G.F.D.

A larger (1 inch verses 0.75 inch) button.

A larger (>1 inch inch) button.

This lot from a 2017 auction shows that Featgerston also produced buckles and homewears.

This lot from a 2017 auction shows that Featherston also produced buckles and homewear.

An instagram shot of a Darian button.