K.G. Luke Pty. Ltd.

K.G. Luke Pty Ltd:

Photo from Carlton Football Club website.

From The Age, 1952.










Sir Kenneth George Luke  (1896-1971)  was a successful business man and VFL football administrator.   He became a partner in a metal-spinning and silverware business in Carlton in 1921, becoming the owner by 1925.  It would become a successful silverware and military accoutrement firm and also made hospital equipment.   In 1953 it was floated as a public company.  The name changed to Luke Ltd in 1976 and was taken over by National Consolidated Ltd in 1983.

Published in The Age, 3rd July 1946

Published in The Age, 3rd July 1946.

From the Australian Women’s Weekly, 18th March 1950.  Paramount was Luke’s trademarked silverware.

The Advertiser (Adelaide) 16th April 1953

The Advertiser (Adelaide), 16th April 1953.

The Age (Melbourne),  16th May 1953.

From 1935 -1945 K. G. Luke made brass, copper, oxidised and white metal buttons for military needs, as well as brooches, badges, buckles and identity disks, as well as heated food trolleys. The button below is interesting:   After the battle for Guadalcanal the First Marine Division came to Australia for a retrofit and the ‘Australian Battle Jacket’ was made for them in 1943.  It was referred to as the Vandegrift jacket.  This style of button is known as a ‘Great Seal button’, and has been made by many different firms for the U.S. army since 1902.

Button for the First Marine

Button for the First Marine Division.

Commonwealth Gazette: Tenders accepted 1st June 1933.

Commonwealth Gazette: contracts accepted 24th June 1943.


top: two AMF buttons    bottom: NSW Police and Victoria Police.