On the back of these cards is printed:

David Kennedy, Merchant, lived in North Melbourne according to the 1931 electoral rolls.

He must have traded with Grace Brothers, as a travelling salesman called  Mr A. Camfield represented him at the funeral of Mr E.P. Norrie,  manager and director of Grace Brothers in 1933.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 17th January 1933.

He donated prize money for the North Coast National Annual Agricultural and Industry Exhibition in 1934.

Northern Star (Lismore) 20th September 1934.

Finally,  he supplied vegetable ivory buttons for Ordnance Stores in 1940.

Commonwealth Gazette, 15th February 1940.

I’m presuming he was a distributor/wholesaler. The prices indicated these buttons were sold from the late 1950s to mid 1960s.

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Can you spot the one card with a printing mistake? (hint: the name’s not Kendrest).

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