Australiana, Fauna and Flora on buttons and other kitsch: (KKKs)

I’m including these buttons because its my blog and I can! However, most of them were manufactured in Europe and America. An exception to this may be the “Jack and Jill” koalas that were “produced soley by Rex C. Norris”. I’m not a collector of modern souvenir buttons (either Asian made or by local artists) but I do love vintage buttons depicting kangaroos, koalas,  kookaburras and the like. (KKKs)

Below are some examples of animal shapes punched from sheets of casein. These style of novelty buttons were popular from the late 1930s, but are probably all imported. Adverts from around 1939 (like the one shown) depict a koala button amongst other European-made animal buttons.

Screen shot 2015-12-11 at 9.15.09 AM

From an old Button Club magazine.


Guinness kangaroo.








Kookaburras sit on the old gum tree …

Jack and Jill buttons were a line of novelty buttons produced or distributed by Rex C. Norris Pty. Ltd. These green koalas are owned by Robyn Caddy, VP of the Victorian Button Collectors Club. The koalas below are in my collection, bought from another Robyn (Button Broker).

Robyn’s koalas.

More “Jack and Jill” koalas.

Deborah’s penguins.

Government House uniform button by Stokes.


Ashtray by Perfection Plate.

The buttons below are all in Carol’s collection.





This hand carved pearl-shell example I found on Pinterest from


Oh, no!! This toothpick holder just looks like a terrible example of animal cruelty!!!


Many needle books were made in Japan or Germany.

Helen’s pets.


Belt buckle.