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22nd June 2020

New find:

Beutron Originals: plastic

Uniform buttons: Stokes

Corps of Staff Cadets, Kings crown

This is the Australian Army corps that trainee officers are assigned to after initial training.

British: Machine Gun corps by  J. Gaunt & sons.

Machine Gun Corps

It was formed in October 1915. Part of the corps would become the tank corps.


New Zealand sweetheart brooch:






This New Zealand artillery button by Stokes & Sons was made into a sweetheart brooch.


20th June 2020

New finds:

1966 Kencrest and 1960s Rex

1950s Beutron and Beauclaire buckles.

Top: Late 1950s Beauclaire buttons Bottom: 1940 Coronet with hand painted details.

I received 4 of the Coronet buttons … if anyone needs one?

18th June 2020

Thanks to my regular readers for being patient with me whilst I rebuild this blog. Soon it will go ‘live’, although some pages will be pending for a while yet. You will be re-directed to the new page if you search for, although the new blog is   ( with a T after the aus) but don’t try that yet! I’ll tell you when!!

To reward you patience, some new finds:

Variety Stores: Coles, old and newer, Woolworths, Target

New Zealand:


15th June 2020

Uniform Buttons:

Stokes & Sons:

South Australian Mounted Rifles; Probably SA General Service.

The  original South Australian Mounted Rifles served in the 2nd Boer War from 1899-1901. The current The 3rd/9th Light Horse (South Australian Mounted Rifles) (3/9 SAMR) was formed in 1948 as a continuation of previously existing  South Australian light horse regiments.

Badge of the current 3rd/9th Light Horse (South Australian Mounted Rifles) (3/9 SAMR), a reserve light cavalry regiment.


A . J. Parkes:

W. A. Road Traffic Authority. Formed in 2009.

Western Australia Police Force.








The West Australian Police Force formally came into existence in 1853, although there were part time constables, etc. from the origin of the colony in 1829. It is responsible for the largest single police durisdiction of 2.5 million square kilometres.

13th June 2020

Uniform buttons by Stokes:

Australian Army Psychology Corps:

According to the Army; “The Australian Army Psychology Corps provides support to Army on operations and in garrison, in the areas of specialist selection assessment, individual psychological assessment and counselling, advice to commanders on mental health issues, specialist training support, critical incident mental health support, psychology research and operational mental health screening.” It was formed in 1952, replacing the AA Psychology Service that had been in operation from 1949.

Royal Australian Army Dental Corps:

Prior to 1943 dentists were part of the Australian Army  Medical Corps. The Corps gained the Royal prefix in 1948. (I guess dragons need good teeth to fight.)


Australian Army Intelligence Corps:

The current Corps was formed in 1939 and has been allied with its British counterparts since 1950. Its duties include intelligence, security, passport control, rail, air and shipping security, censorship,  prisoner of war interrogation and data compilation.

The insignia, modelled on the British version, has a red and white tudor rose flanked by laurel leaves.