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June 2016

 A digest of Buttons and Stories shared in June 2016:

?1960s Rex and 1950s Beutron.

Late1940S- early 1950S Beutron.

Walkers buttons c.late 60’s early 70’s

Hi-style was a Woolworths line.

post 1966 and post 1971.


1950s Buttons and their representaton in ads.























Cooper & Cooke:

Cooper & Cooke ceramics,  in Glenhuntly, Melbourne,  set up in 1937  to make porcelain flowers,  and later made jugs,  vases,  urns and dishes.  During WW2 they made insulators,  casseroles, coffee pots and buttons for the Army. The firm moved to Long Gully in Bendigo in 1976 and closed in 1996.  I’ve sent an email to the ceramics Museum in Holbrook to see if they have any more information or photos of these.  If anyone owns one…please send me a shot!!

G. Herring General Plastics versus General Plastics?

I was told an intriguing story by an ‘older’ button collector.  In approximately 1950 she was a young lady.  One day she visited the haberdashery store near her work place where she had some goods on order.  A button sales rep. was there and told her  that General Plastics had produced buttons using G. Herring’s Opal-Glo’ formula.  Due to this dispute the supply of these buttons was on hold.   Apparently the industrial chemist/engineer who had developed the formula was now working for General Plastics and believed that it belonged to him rather than his previous employer. This was probably a bit naive of him as G.Herring Pty. Ltd. registered the design on the 20th December 1948.   I haven’t found any evidence to back up the story. It may have occurred around the time that companies started to merge. Perhaps it never reached the courts.

Australian Customs:

It’s interesting to realise that Australian Custom officers had no uniforms prior to December 1954.  The buttons below may be from custom uniforms.  They show the Australian Coat of Arms are made of made of a hard black plastic.

Published in the Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton,Qld) 22nd December 1954