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December 2016

A selection of buttons and stories shared in December 2016:

There is a Melbourne 6 digit phone number,  which could have been up to the mid 1980’s

Beauclaire “Tiny Tots” elephants. Gorgeous!

Embassy buttons of the same style. They have a matt sheen.

How to get extra value from one design: mount it on varying ‘Bezels’. The basic buttons are in the bottom row, with examples set in varying bezels above them. Another example below has an extra disk mounted over a basic button.

A Rising Sun Badge by General Plastics, who didn’t usually make badges. This design was used from 1904-1949.The Rising Sun badge,  also known as the General Service Badge or the Australian Army badge,  was used as an army badge from 1902 for troops going to the 2nd Boer War,  although the origins go back to the 1820’s.  It is usually worn on the brim of the slouch hat.  It became the official General Service Badge in 1911.

New Zealand buttons:

The ‘Astoria Safety Buttons’ are mounted on Beauclaire style cards.  The buttons are like the ‘cardigan’ buttons marketed by Beutron. 

NZ ‘Titan’ wash buttons compared with Australian ‘Beutron’ wash buttons

NZ ‘Titan’ tub buttons verses Aust ‘Beutron’ tub buttons.

Beauty Buttons’ by Titan.









R.S. Murray and Co. Melbourne:

Back in 1882 Robert Stuart Murray from Chicago opened a factory in London,  such was the demand for his American style caramels there.  He registered R.S. Murray and Co. in 1900. An Australian subsidiary  was opened in 1920.  By the 1930’s over 300 people were employed there.  The subsidiary was acquired by Rowntree in 1942.

What were they thinking?

If I hold out one of my large pointed collars, studded if diamentes, you’ll not ask me ‘What on earth have you got on your head?’. From 1950.