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February 2017

A special selection of buttons and stories from February 2017:


Beutron and Woolworths cards.


Screen shot 2017-02-02 at 8.15.47 PM

 “Kiddietone” was yet another Woolworths line produced by Beauclaire.  These buttons feature painted squirrels!

A ‘refill’ card,  to alert the sale staff that a line of buttons needed reordering. 


























Dating vintage cards:

I refer to print advertising to date vintage cards of buttons; for example:

The Sun on 2nd February, 1950. The illustration shows the ‘washing on the line’ graphics on the below card.

The development of plastics had been accelerated by the needs of WW2 so that plastic “wash”, “washing”, “boiling” and ‘boil proof” buttons were becoming the norm,  and would come to dominate the market,  at the expense of mother-of-pearl buttons. “Washing” buttons were advertised from 1912 onwards.  “Boiling Buttons” were advertised from 1940 to 1954. “English Beutron wash buttons” were advertised in 1945 and “Beutron Boiling buttons” from 1947 through to 1953.


New Zealand Buttons: