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March 2017

A digest of buttons and stories from March 2017:



“Cinderella” buttons, advertised in 1951. From Sonia’s collection. This fish, whilst having nothing to do with the Moovie, was an Australian design seen first on Rex. C. Norris cards, then Beauclaire, then Beutron.

Examiner (Launceston) 13th January 1951.

Brighton Buttons:

The buckles below are labelled “Brighton Buttons and Buckles”.  (They were seen on EBay) There is a Brighton Button shop in Bay Street, Brighton that has been there for over 100 years,  so maybe this was a display in this shop. Does anyone know?

Screen shot 2017-02-21 at 5.00.03 PM

Screen shot 2017-02-28 at 10.27.14 AM

Large coat buttons, approximately 3,5cm diametre.

Latest Fashion cards:

These cards appeared in print advertising from 1942 (from 6 pence per card) until 1946 (on clearance for 3 pence per card). One button is recognisable as also found on Coronet branded cards. I feel that General Plastics produced buttons for both brands.

The Sun (Sydney), 14 February 1946.

History of the brand Beutron:

The name “Beutron” was first used by G. Herring for its buttons around 1946. (Interesting side note: there was a race horse named Beutron from 1941 and another around 1953.  I’d guess that one or both were owned by someone to do with the company.) The company started producing buttons around 1933,  so there is an approximately 13 year period when the buttons were otherwise labelled.  I may have an answer as to at least one line of buttons they produced: “Bonnie Buttons”.

The style of buttons at the top is found on Beutron Tub buttons cards:

From the News:

Young Witness (NSW) 15th May 1917.

The Argus 10th April 1935.

The Sun (Sydney) 24th December 1943.  Oh,  the waste!

Evening News (Sydney) 26th October 1923

Perfection Plate Company, Inc.

Like many metalware firms, a silverware firm, produced buttons for the military in 1942.

Commonwealth Gazette, 1942

I couldn’t resist this quirky offering from the company in 1954. It is a style of ashtray known as a pincherette!

Detail from Pike Bros. advert in the Courier mail (Brisbane). 29th November 1954.