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April 2017



The best of buttons and stories from April 2017

Early 1950’s buttons.

New Zealand buttons:












The card on the top right state they are manufactured in N.Z. The bottom 2 are “approved by the N.Z. dry cleaners”.

These all have the “Beauclaire” brand within a (?)leaf shape.

These card on the right has a novel method of attaching the buttons.  Like the Woolies card below,  they have holes punched in them and the buttons are simply sticky-taped on.








“The personality product”?





Trench Art:

The broadest definition of this term related it to objects made by soldiers (including returned or convalescent soldiers), POW, and civilians as souvenirs, momentos or gifts, to while away time, to make money, to aid in rehabilitation, and to try to make sense of the experience of war. i.e. where the manufacture is directly linked to armed conflict or its consequences. Although the term ‘trench’ relates to WW1, such objects have been made since the Napoleonic wars, if not for as long as there have been wars. Some have used uniform buttons, like the example below where a button and casing have been assembled into a cigarette lighter. A fellow club member has an identical item, so that he feels it may be an example of manufacturing work provided for returned soldiers.

The Weekly Times, 24th March 1917.