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September 2017

A  selection from September 2017:








The card had holes punched it it for the shafts to sit in then cotton was threaded from one button to the next from the back without having to sew through the card.


The ‘Bonnie Buttons’ match the Beutron Wash buttons.

1950s buttons and their representation in advertising:

Close up: 3 pansy-like flowers.








P.F. Davies Pty. Ltd., 308 Flinders Lane, Melbourne:

The card says”Kristine Buttons” and “P.F. Davies Pty. Ltd., 308 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.”

P. F. Davies was a button warehouse that operated from Flinders Lane from at least 1947-1957. I have no idea who or what Kristine was! Below is another ‘Buttons by Kristine’ card.

Clear glass buttons, back painted pink. ?Orogin of buttons, but my other Kristine branded buttons have a Melbourne distributor’s name on the card.

“plastic buttons”

The”plastic buttons” were made by General Plastics, the makers of Beauclaire buttons. The company changed its name from O.C. Rheuben & Co in October 1941. There are cards of the same design with the addition of “A G. P. Product” printed at the bottom. I guess that means the cards below preceeded October 1941.


Drycleaning and buttons:

A reader has kindly shared this lovely shot of casein buttons she inherited from her grandmother, who was employed by a drycleaners in Adelaide.  A ‘spare’ button would be sewn inside the hem of dresses.  What a service!

Fashion Dictates Buttons …

Smith’s Weekly, 20th August 1932.

Back in the day, some newspapers and magazines offered pattern services. For a fee you could buy sewing patterns via post. Can you imagine current newspapers bothering?

The Advertiser (Adelaide) 3rd May 1951.