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31st August 2018

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Another new tailor’s button from Helen:

Thomas Bourke (1846-1924) had a tailors, mercers and hatters establishment in Brisbane Street, Launceston from 1881 through to 1952.

Daily Telegraph, 12th September 1921.

Examiner, 28th March 1929.

30th August 2018

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New tailors button: Thanks to Helen

Ernest Verey in 1939.

Vereys operated as “tailors for men who care” from around 1909. In 1929 they moved across the road to new  premises. The business closed down in 1953.

Advert from the magazine ‘Everyones’ 2nd October 1929.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 8th October 1940.

23rd August 2018

New find: Officer Cadet School, Portsea

The Officer Cadet School was set up at Point Nepean on the site of an old quarantine station. The school started in January 1952 and continued until 1985 when officer training was transferred to the Royal Military College, Duntroon. The land has been incorporated into a national park.

No.3 officer cadet barrack in 1964.

19th August 2018

Published in the Argus on the 6th April 1872:

A button for my wish list! I have not been able to find a photo of the uniform or the buttons described in the story:

Cakobau was the self-proclaimed chief Warlord of the short lived Kingdom of Viti (from which we get the name Fiji). In 1871 the British  consul convinced Fijian Chiefs to become a constitutional Monarchy with Cakobau as King, but the real power lying in a legislative assembly dominate by Australian ex-pats. A  period of economic mismanagement, political and social unrest eventually lead to the Annexation of Fiji as a British colony in 1874.

King Cakobau (sometimes spelt phonetically as Thakombau).

His son Taku Abel.