17th December 2018

Here’s the Christmas pudding!

Sunday Times (Perth) 18th December 1938.

Tailors’ buttons:

A. J. Dangerfield, Broken Hill:

Mr Dangerfield 1927

His business was located in Oxide street from 1917. In December of 1935 he was in a car accident, which lead him to leave tailoring. He became the proprietor of Broken Hill Motors. Albert Joseph Dangerfield lived in Broken Hill from 1896 until 1947 when he moved to Sydney. 

Alf. C. White, Ballarat:

Wouldn’t you be annoyed if you name was Alfred Ernest White (1867-1928), but your buttons were incorrectly inscribed? I Hope he got a discount!

His tailoring shop was located at 112 Sturt Street from 1898 when he renamed his father’s previous business ( T. W. White & Co.) until 1903. After this he was a cutter for John Snow & Company for 10 years before opening a new establishment at 102 Sturt Street. In 1919 he was elected as a local councillor. he was involved in the YMCA, the church, bowls and cricket.

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Woolworths buttons

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