30th December 2018

New finds: Beutron Tub Buttons

On the back of this partial double-card is pasted some newspaper printed with movie adverts, which allowed me to date the card to 1956. It is interesting that the term ‘tub buttons’ was still in use then, as it only appeared in advertising during 1945-1950.

The pasting of paper across the card was to stop buttons falling off when the stitching was cut through if the cards were cut up to allow the customer to buy less than a whole card’s worth. This custom must have been inconvenient for the seller, with the pasting required, and odd pieces and sizes of cards left to sell. This custom was dying out in the 1950s with small cards of a limited number of buttons becoming the only way to buy carded buttons.

Tailor’s button:

O. A. Plunkett, Parade Norwood:


Quiz, 4th August 1905.

Southern Cross, 5th Jan 1894.

Oliver Ambrose Plunkett (1870-1941) advertised his tailoring from 1894 to 1914 in the Parade, Norwood. Olly was a cricketer, footballer, athlete, and member of the Druid’s Lodge.


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