18th June 2019

More tailors’ buttons:

Keast & Co, Castlemaine:

M. Keast & Co purchased the millinery and draper stock of Messrs Best & Co in Barkers Street in 1879. Only the next year they “had made other business arrangements” and so were having a clearing sale. Despite that they continued in Castlemaine until 1888. (Perhaps the other business deal fell through?)

Mt Alexander Mail, 25th April 1881.

John Buckley Keast of the firm (I have not been able to find out who “M. Keast” was) then left Castlemaine and managed a tailoring depot in Brigport Street, Albert Park. He died there in 1906.


J. Scovell, Footscray:

In 1903 Alexander John William Scovell (a.k.a. John, 1880-1960) was engaged to manage the tailoring workroom of C. Forge in Footscray. The next year he bought this branch of the Forge business. In 1906 he joined in partnership with David Spurling to form Scovell & Spurling, which lasted until 1982. The button above thus belongs to a narrow time frame, from 1904-1906.

Child’s Scottish costume by Scovell and Spurling P/L c.1917. (Museums Vic)

Mr Scovell was also a wholesaler and wool buyer, and involved in other firms.

Museums Victoria collection. Painting from 1941.

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