27th June 2019

Another photo from Pat:

Tailors’ buttons:

Adelaide tailoring Company Ltd., Melbourne:

In 1897 Joseph Lewis Glick, a Russian by birth,  came to Australia to visit his sick sister, and decided to stay. He started the Adelaide Tailoring Company in Adelaide. In 1904 he expanded to Perth and Freemantle then to other sites in West Australia. In 1915 he opened in ‘Elizabeth House’ at the corner of Elizabeth and little Collins Streets.

Elizabeth House, c.1916. The name ‘Adelaide tailoring’ can be seen over the doorway at the corner.

  During 1917 he opened in Sydney.  In 1930, to fight against the effects of the Depression, he gave an extra pair of trousers away with each suit. He then decided to only use Australian tweed and woollens to support local jobs. By 1934 there were 8 branches around Victoria and New South Wales. Unfortunately he was declared bankrupt by the Taxation Office in 1943,  owing the firm a lot of money that he could not repay. He died the following year in 1944 aged 76 years.

The Herald 21 May 1915, looking very dapper with that moustache.

Advocate 19th June 1930.



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