28th June 2019

Seen online:

This less than pristine card went for $26 Au, surprising me as I have never paid more than $14 for a less crumpled one! Dates 1940s.

Tailors’ buttons:

On the 9th June shared a metal-detector find of a Mr M. Kino button. Here is another from either this tailor, or his son, Albert Edward Kono, who was also a tailor in Bourke Street, Melbourne. Albert worked with his father from at least 1896, and continued the business after his father’s death until at least 1939.

M. Joseph, Melbourne:

Maurice Joseph (Moshe Ben Yosef Rafael HaLevi) was born in London in 1862.  He arrived in Melbourne around 1887 and established a tailoring business in 1892. Trading as ‘Marks, Joseph & Co’ at Little Collins Street, a partner absconded with 80 pounds of goods in 1894, leaving him insolvent. By 1895 was working from Bourke Street. He must have been more successful, because in 1907 he needed to move to a larger premise at 137 Swanston Street. He was also a director for his brother Louis’s firm, “Trucut Clothing”. He died in St Kilda in 1947.







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