20th August 2019

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The firm became a limited company around 1923.

In 1910 Mr Walter Harrison Wheeler (1881-1944) came from Victoria and together with his brother Louis Winslow Wheeler (1878-1943), started a tailoring and mercery store in Grenfell Street. In 1917 they purchased the established firm of William Bros  at 12 King William Street, Adelaide which seems to have been used for their ladies’ tailoring department, whilst they had men’s wear stores at North terrace and Hindley Street.

Critic, 27nd April 1921.

The Register, 15th November 1923. Despite the sale of the store, Wheeler’s continued to lease this address until around 1930-2, when they moved to Currie Street.

Critic, 25th July 1923.

In 1936 Walter was convicted and fined for tax evasion. His son Rex Harrison Wheeler (1912-2000), mercer, seems to have taken over the men’s wear business after his father’s death in 1944. When Lois died in 1943 he was remembered as a “prominent racing cyclist in his youth. He was one of South Australia’s best known iris and gladiolus growers.”

Louis Wheeler


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