21st August 2019

Tailors’ buttons:

Denton Bros:

Button dates c.1890-1920.

William James Greaney Denton (1862-1936) with his brother Frederick John Denton (1864-1934) started the ‘Eclipse Tailoring’  establishment in Mitchell Street, Bendigo, in 1886. By 1890 they had a branch in Melbourne, which ran until 1912.

From the “Lost Bendigo” Facebook page.

Another brother, James Greaney (1866-1939), who had been an auctioneer in Melbourne, took over the Bendigo branch some time before 1903. His son Keith Douglas Denton (1890-1970) joined the firm. The Bendigo branch closed around 1922, and Fred moved to Melbourne to continue tailoring.  James was remembered as a renown charity worker in Bendigo.

A. M.Pool, Bendigo:

In 1892 Alfred Morris Pool and J. T. Williams proudly announced they were opening, as ‘Pool & Williams’ as tailors and outfitters in the premises previously occupied by the ‘London & American Tailoring Co.”  (see post on 19th July 2019) Only two years later, Williams left. Pool continued as a tailor in Bendigo until a couple of years before hid death in December, 1930 in Melbourne.

Bendigo Advertiser 25th August 1914.


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  1. Tim Douglas-Denton

    Keith Douglas-Denton was my grandfather who returned from WW1.
    William James Greaney Denton was Keith’s adoptive father, hence the hyphenated surname that has carried through the generations moving forward.
    Cheers Tim Douglas-Denton


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