24th August 2019

Tailors’ buttons:

G. Loudon, Eaglehawk:

Unusual detailing: the name is set into a scroll.

George Loudon, a native of Stirlingshire, Scotland, arrived in Victoria in 1853.  He tried his luck on the goldfields before setting up as a tailor around 1888 in High Street, Eaglehawk. He was a lcal councillor, including mayor, for 27 years, and reknown as a keen and talented draughts player. He died in 1908, at the age of 75 years.

Weekly Times 11th August 1894.

M. Colgan, Bendigo:

The top 2 say ‘M. Colgan’ whilst the bottom one says ‘Colgan’s’.

Michael Colgan was born around 1837 in County Clare and came to Victoria in 1851. His father and grandfather had also been tailors. He arrived in Bendigo around 1878. Working at first for Moffatt  & Kitson, then the Taylor Bros before starting ‘Star Tailors’ in 1887.

Bendigo Advertiser, 6th October 1887.

He stopped using the name Star around 1898.  Michael had been a volunteer with artillery units for nearly 21 years, retiring from service in1884 with the rank of sergeant. On his death in December 1908 his sons John and Albert, who had been working with him for over 20 years, took over the business under the same name until around 1916.


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