28th August 2019

Tailor’s buttons:

Whitelock & Carter, Bendigo:

In 1908 partners Horace Egbert George Whitelock (1881-1923) and Gordon Carter  (1885-1965) started tailoring at View Street, Bendigo. As greater room was needed, they moved to Pall Mall. During the war they were required to provide uniforms. In 1918 they built  larger premises. Horace’s father John was working with them, as was Mr L. Makepeace. The firm was still in business after Whitelock’s death until at least 1925.

Swan Hill Guardian and Lake Boga Advocate 5th July 1915.

Rose Series Postcard c.1920 The name can be seen behind the lamp post.

R. Ramage & Son/W. D. Ramage, Bendigo:







The origin of William David Ramage  tailoring was with his father’s business. Richard Ramage (1829-1912) came from Scotland to Melbourne in 1853. He moved to Bendigo around 1863, starting his own business in View Street in 1888. It became  R. Ramage & Sons by 1899. He had seven sons of which at least William (1878-1954), and Robert were also tailors. In 1913 they merged with the Melbourne Tailoring Company, then in 1915 it became W. D. Ramage. Around this time (1913-1916) there was also a ‘Ramage Brothers’ tailoring firm in View Street. Perhaps some of the brothers did not partake in the merger?




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  1. abuttonadmin Post author

    Hi Cathy,
    Carters store in Pall Mall, opposite the Bendigo post office was still in business up until the beginning of the second WW. I believe at that time they were more than Tailors, selling clothing, linen bed/ bath , cloth etc. My late uncle was an employee.
    There was a Ramage men’s wear store in Bendigo operated by a Ramage ( probably a great grandson) up until 15 years ago. It was on the corner of Allan’s Walk and Pall Mall just 100 metres from the Alexander Fountain.
    Shop closed because Mr Ramage was taken by a crocodile up north whilst on a holiday.
    Now Cathy that’s all your trivia for today.
    Cheers Carol


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