13th October 2019

Buttonfest finds part 2:

Maxart and Astor:

The large Maxart card dates pre-decimal (14th February 1966) and was still in the era when a customer could buy an individual number of buttons that would be cut from the card. This necessitated the cotton at the back being papered or taped over to stop buttons coming loose!

The small cards date post February 1966, possibly until the early 1970s.

Perhaps the buttons were 5/6 per horizontal row (4 buttons) or 6/6 per vertical row (6 buttons)? The bottom row has been snipped off this card.

These Astor buttons date c.1966 as the prices are equivalent; one card has both prices 2/3 converting to 25 cents. They have a lovely glossy, iridescence. Some are sew-thru, one has a self shank, the others clear plastic  inserted shanks. ? Polyester/lucite.

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