14th October 2019

Buttonfest finds part 3:

Extremes in size:


O. C. Reuben & Co became ‘General Plastics’ in 1941. It is possible Beauclaire branding was used from then, however, the samples supplied to the Powerhouse Museum in 1950 are labelled General Plastics with a drawing of the ‘Venus de Milo’ as a trademark,but not the name Beauclaire. The earliest date that ‘Beauclaire buckles’ were advertised for sale was 1951, and ‘Beauclaire buttons’ in 1953.

That is my long winded way of guessing that the following buttons date from the early 1950s!

Some other examples of this design in my collection:

The larger button is concave, the others not. The pink one is coloured only on the top of the button.

Geometric buttons like these featured in adverts from 1956-7. See details below:

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