27th November 2019

I have (finally) carded up (on replica cards) a selection of Beutron Originals, with every colour cabochon and every metallic finish (silver, gold and old gold) that I have. There are 4 sizes: approx 14, 18, 22 and 28 mm diametre. For comparison, I have included details from 1950s adverts and from  vintage cards of buttons. See also the Beutron 1950s advertising page.

28mm in mushroom, navy blue, khaki, tan, yellow and dark brown.

22mm in green, burgundy and steel-blue. 18mm mushroom, brown, steel blue, skye blue, navy blue and tan.

14mm dark brown, steel blue, purple, and red. The black ‘flower’ is the only one of that design in my collection.

18mm in grey, dark brown, pale green, steel blue and green. 14mm in pink, burgundy and black.

11mm in burgundy, royal blue, pale green, steel blue, yellow, dark brown, dark green and black.

14mm in burgundy, brown, dark brown x 2, acid yellow and brown. 18mm in olive green, cream, green, grey and brick red.

22mm in khaki, dark brown, royal blue and pale yellow.

11mm in royal blue (in gold and silver) dark brown (in gold, silver and old gold), tan, and skye blue (in gold and silver). 11mm in black, green, pink and pale yellow.

18mm navy blue, scarlet, sky blue, tan and pink.

Pat also shared a card of her ‘Originals’, see http://www.ausbuttonhistory.com/?p=9313

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